Power Banks with Charging Cable

Cable-charged powerbanks usually have one or more USB outputs and are a cost-effective alternative for low-maintenance users. If you're not looking for high comfort, but rather utility value and want the most for your money, this type of power bank is right for you. Their counterpart are wireless power banks suitable for mobile phones that support Qi wireless charging technology.

Swissten power banks with cable offer a wide range of capacities from 5,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh. You can charge almost any device from a sports bracelet, smartwatch, mobile phone, iPhone, tablet, digital camera to a laptop or MacBook.

Are you missing a charging cable for your power bank? Then it's time to look around our selection of cables with a wide range of connectors to find the right one for you.

Are you going on a bike trip and want to make sure your phone and GPS don't get knocked off somewhere in the middle of the wilderness? Take a power bank with you. Both fit comfortably in the Swissten waterproof bike case, in which you can also pack a flat tire repair kit. You never know.


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SWISSTEN POWER LINE powerbanka 10 000 mAh, 20 W, Power Delivery, černá
–14 %

Powerbank for fast charging Capacity: 10 000 mAh 2 inputs: micro USB, USB-C Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technology

SWISSTEN hliníková powerbanka 20 000 mAh, 20 W, PD & QC, šedá
–42 %

Capacity 20 000 mAh Power up to 20 W PD and QC support Made of aluminum alloy

SWISSTEN POWER LINE powerbanka 5 000 mAh, 10 W, černá
–11 %

Powerbank with 5 000 mAh capacity 2 inputs: micro USB and USB-C Output: USB-A 1 m cable

SWISSTEN powerbanka pro iPhone, MagSafe, PD, QC, 5 000 mAh

capacity 5 000 mAh Lightning and USB-C inputs includes 20 cm long USB/USB-C cable Supports extra fast charging Power Delivery for iPhone (up to 20W) Support Quick Charge - fast...