Power Banks with Lightning Connector

Lightning power banks are specifically designed to connect Apple devices. It can be iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook. The capacity of the power bank is determined by the device's capacity, which is expressed in mAh. The higher the capacity of the power bank, the higher the number of times you can charge your mobile phone.

In general:

  • power banks with a capacity of up to 15,000 mAh are more suitable for charging phones, tablets, smartwatches and generally electronic devices with low battery capacity.
  • power banks with a capacity of over 15,000 mAh can be used to charge laptops, MacBooks and other devices with high power consumption.

A charging cable for charging the power bank itself is usually included in the package. You can purchase the cable for charging your device conveniently from us. Original Apple cables as well as cost-effective Swissten cables with and without Lightning connector and MFi certification can be purchased from us at exceptionally great prices.

Our tip: That's why we've prepared a selection of power banks with an LED indicator, so you can immediately see if the powerbank is ready for your next adventure.


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SWISSTEN power line power bank 30000 mAh power delivery black
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Capacity 30 000 mAh Inputs micro USB, USB-C, Lightning PD and QC fast charging support For iOS and Android

SWISSTEN all in one slim power bank Qi 10 000 mAh
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POWER DELIVERY = extremely fast charging for iPhone QUALCOM 3.0 FAST CHARGE = extremely fast charging for Android Posibility to charge with all the connectors = micro USB, USB-C...