iPad Chargers

The wireless charging for your iPad is a compact, high-performance charger at a great price that can easily charge your iPhone, Apple AirPods or AppleWatch.

The iPad can also be charged using a conventional mains charger with a cable. You just need to make sure you choose the right cable that is compatible with both the mains charger and the charging connector of your iPad. The most common cables you'll need to connect your charging adapter and iPad are USB-A/Lightning, USB-C/Lightning, or USB-C/USB-C.

Charging your iPad while you're in the car can also save you a lot of time. Add the powerful Swissten cigarette lighter charger with up to 5.2A to your charging adapter portfolio, so you can charge your iPhone or other devices while driving in addition to your iPad.


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SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 15 W

Wireless charger with 15W power circular shape with 10cm diameter Includes a 1.5m USB-A/USB-C cable charging status indication includes a 1.5m USB-A/USB-C connector cable also...

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Originální nabíjecí adaptér APPLE USB-C 20 W
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Apple Charging Power Adapter with Power Deliver support USB-C output connector 20 W power Suitable for iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and above.

SWISSTEN autonabíječka 3xUSB, 5,2 A

Lighter charger 3 USB output ports output current up to 5.2A for mobile and tablet charging can charge up to 3 devices at once