Smart Watch Chargers

Smartwatches are an essential part of the everyday essentials for anyone who takes at least some care of their health. Not only does it measure your heart rate or show you the number of steps you take each day, it also lets you know what the weather is going to be like, and some models even offer a built-in microphone, speaker or camera.

To make sure your smartwatch always has enough power for your adventures, you'll also need to get a good charger to go with it. This can be:

  • wired
  • wireless

For a conventional charger with a cable, you need to make sure that the output connectors are compatible in addition to having sufficient power. In some cases, you will already get a charging cable when you buy the smartwatch and only need to buy a suitable USB adapter.

The use of a wireless charger for charging a smartwatch assumes compatibility with the Qi standard. The Apple Watch, for example, has this standard. Swissten has prepared a 4-in-1 wireless charger for them, which, in addition to the Apple Watch, can also handle an iPhone and AirPods. It can even charge them all at the same time thanks to sufficient power.


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SWISSTEN Wireless nabíječka 2v1 černá
€51,42 –23 %

2in1 wireless charger. Can charge 2 devices simultaneously. For charging smartphone, AirPods and Apple Watch. Ultra-thin - only 6.8 mm thick. Luxury design - aluminum body,...

SWISSTEN autonabíječka 2 x USB, 4,8 A, kovové tělo (EKO BALENÍ)
ECO pack More colors
from €5,90

Car charger with up to 24W power 2 x USB outputs durable metal body Total charging current 4.8A in recycled materials packaging contributing to reduced ecological footprint

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SWISSTEN CL adaptér Power Delivery USB-C + Quick Charge 3.0 36 W metal (EKO BALENÍ)
ECO pack More colors
€21,73 –12 %

Network charger with power up to 36W 1x USB-A, 1x USB-C outputs durable metal body Supports Power Delivery fast charging technology for iPhone USB-A output offers Quick Charge...

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SWISSTEN síťový adaptér 2x USB, 10W, SMART IC (EKO BALENÍ)
ECO pack More colors
€11,83 –20 %

Network charger with power up to 10W 2x USB-A outputs output current 2.1A Supports SMART IC technology to optimize charging current in recycled materials packaging contributing...

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SWISSTEN CL adaptér Huawei Super Charge 22.5W + kabel Huawei Super Charge 5 A 1,2 m

charging car adapter in metal 2 x USB outputs support Huawei SuperCharge Total power up to 32.5W with up to 22.5W for your Huawei, charge it in 0.5 h output current up to 5A for...

SWISSTEN CL Samsung Super Fast Charging 25 W + 10W, kabel USB-C / USB-C 1,2 m

charging car adapter in metal 1xUSB-A and 1x USB-C outputs Supports Samsung Super Fast Charging Total power up to 35W with up to 25W for your Samsung charging it in 0.5 h output...

SWISSTEN CL adaptér Power Delivery 20 W pro iPhone 12 + 10W

charging car adapter in metal 1xUSB-A and 1x USB-C outputs Support Power Delivery with up to 20W for your iPhone 12 you can charge it in 0.5 h Output current up to 3A for...

SWISSTEN autonabíječka 2 x USB, 4,8 A, kovové tělo
More colors

charging car adapter in metal 2xUSB outputs charging current up to 4.8A hides in the dashboard and doesn't get in the way for charging tablets, smartphones, etc.for Android

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SWISSTEN CL adaptér Power Delivery + Quick Charge, USB-C , 36 W, kovové tělo
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charging car adapter in metal charging power up to 36W USB-C output Power Delivery compatible USB-A output with Quick Charge 3.0 support for Android charging current per...

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SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 3in1 15 W

true wireless BT headphones with up to 10 hours of battery life also suitable as sports headphones or headset Total battery capacity 390 mAh charging time 2 hours impedance 16...

Originální nabíjecí adaptér APPLE USB-C 20 W
from €23,71 up to –42 %
from €15,79

Apple Charging Power Adapter with Power Deliver support USB-C output connector 20 W power Suitable for iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and above.

Apple Watch  – kabel na magnetické dobíjení hodinek , 1m
€35,23 –32 %

Cable for wireless charging of Apple Watch. Works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Length Attaches to the watch using Apple Watch Series 7 can charge with this...

Originální nabíjecí adaptér APPLE 1 A (retail pack)
€23,71 –33 %

original Apple charging adapter 1x USB-A output connector output current 1A compatible with Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod certified MFi