CD Slot Phone Holders

Mobile phone holders for CD drives are a great alternative for all owners of older cars who no longer use CDs.

CD holders, just like car air vent holders, don't obstruct the driver's view and keep your phone within easy reach. You can use them not only for your mobile phone, but also for your tablet. Be careful about the maximum size of the attached device when choosing them.

In terms of mobile phone mounting, the CD drive holders offer 2 options:

  • classic jaws
  • magnetic surface

In the case of a magnetic CD drive holder, for example the Swissten S-Grip M5-CD1, the metal pads are always included as a counterweight to the magnet.


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SWISSTEN držák na mobil a tablet do auta S-Grip T1-CD1

Universal phone and tablet holder for car for installation into CD drive for phones and tablets up to 10"" does not obstruct the driver's view allows the phone to be rotated in...

SWISSTEN Čelisťový držák na telefon do auta S-Grip S3-CD1

Phone holder mounted to CD drive. For mobile phones up to 6". Maximal span up to 85 mm. 360° rotation.

SWISSTEN S-Grip M5-CD1 magnetický držák na tablet do CD mechaniky Swissten

Magnetic car holder for tablet and mobile phone. Installation to the CD drive. No obstruction of view from the windshield. Ball joint mechanism with possibility of rotation in...