Power Banks with USB-C Connector

USB-C power banks are designed for most modern mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and other small electronics that are equipped with a universal USB-C connector.

Power banks with a USB-C connector can be used for both Apple and Android. They can charge your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and they can also be used to charge Huawei, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and more. Power banks with USB-C connector are modern devices with high performance.

It is an advantage if, in addition to the USB- connector, the power bank also offers other types of connectors, such as USB, micro USB and Lightning. When choosing a power bank, always make sure that your device, or the cable that came with it, has the same connector as the power bank.

In some cases, you will not get any cable with your electronic device. We can help you resolve this situation as well. Choose one of the Swissten or Apple cables. Specifically, in the case of a USB-C power bank, you may find USB/USB-C or USB-C/USB-C cables useful.

Are you going on a bike trip and want to make sure your phone and navigation device don't get knocked off somewhere in the middle of the wilderness? Take your power bank with you. Both fit comfortably in the Swissten waterproof bike case, which you can also pack a flat tire repair kit. You never know.


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SWISSTEN power line power bank 30000 mAh power delivery black
–36 %

Capacity 30 000 mAh Inputs micro USB, USB-C, Lightning PD and QC fast charging support For iOS and Android

SWISSTEN MagSafe powerbanka 10 000 mAh, černá
–11 %

Capacity 10.000 mAh Power up to 22.5 W Qi technology 2 inputs: USB-C, Lightning 2 outputs: USB-A, USB-C

SWISSTEN POWER LINE powerbanka 10 000 mAh, 20 W, Power Delivery, černá
–14 %

Powerbank for fast charging Capacity: 10 000 mAh 2 inputs: micro USB, USB-C Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technology

SWISSTEN  POWER LINE powerbanka 20 000 mAh, 20 W, Power Delivery, černá
–20 %

Powerbank with 20.000 mAh capacity Inputs: micro USB and USB-C Outputs: USB-A and USB-C Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery

SWISSTEN hliníková powerbanka 20 000 mAh, 20 W, PD & QC, šedá
–42 %

Capacity 20 000 mAh Power up to 20 W PD and QC support Made of aluminum alloy

SWISSTEN POWER LINE powerbanka 5 000 mAh, 10 W, černá
–11 %

Powerbank with 5 000 mAh capacity 2 inputs: micro USB and USB-C Output: USB-A 1 m cable

SWISSTEN aluminium powerbank 10000 mAh 20 W power delivery grey
–30 %

Capacity 10.000 mAh PD and QC fast charging support 2 inputs and 3 outputs Made of aluminum alloy

SWISSTEN all in one slim power bank Qi 10 000 mAh
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POWER DELIVERY = extremely fast charging for iPhone QUALCOM 3.0 FAST CHARGE = extremely fast charging for Android Posibility to charge with all the connectors = micro USB, USB-C...