Power Banks under 5 000 mAh

Battery capacity plays a very important role in a power bank. It determines how many times you can use it to charge your mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. As with external batteries, capacity is stated in mAh (milliampere hour) units. The higher the capacity, the higher the number of times you can charge your device from the power bank. However, this will also make the power bank more expensive and larger in size.

Power banks with a capacity of up to 5,000 mAh are enough to charge your mobile phone, smartwatch, headphones and other small electronics, for example. Their advantage is usually their smaller size and compact design, together with a lower price. Would you like to charge your laptop from a power bank? Then get a power bank with a capacity of at least 20,000 mAh, or a Swissten Black Core power bank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh.

In the package you will usually find a power bank and a charging cable. An additional cable for charging the device needs to be purchased depending on the connector you need.


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SWISSTEN POWER LINE powerbanka 5 000 mAh, 10 W, černá
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Powerbank with 5 000 mAh capacity 2 inputs: micro USB and USB-C Output: USB-A 1 m cable

SWISSTEN powerbanka pro iPhone, MagSafe, PD, QC, 5 000 mAh

capacity 5 000 mAh Lightning and USB-C inputs includes 20 cm long USB/USB-C cable Supports extra fast charging Power Delivery for iPhone (up to 20W) Support Quick Charge - fast...