You can choose from high-quality Swissten headphones for both Apple and Android.

You can find wireless headphones, over-the-head headphones, headphones with microphone or sports headphones for your mobile phone.

Drivers will also appreciate the handy headset that can be used to make phone calls in the car.

We also offer the unique Swissten Bone Conduction wireless headphones that use sound transmission through the cheekbones. They are, therefore, not attached to the ears at all. Enjoy a new dimension of music listening and experience how this technology suits you.

How to choose headphones?

You should not rely only on the appearance of the headphones. Although this is also important at least for your personal comfort. More important, though, is to choose the right type of headphones to suit your needs. For a high listening comfort, also focus on the technical specifications, design features and shape of the earpieces.


What types of headphones are available to choose from?

You've probably already seen many of them, but at first glance you had no idea what their features were. Here is a brief summary:

Wireless headphones

Because of the integrated battery, they need to be recharged, but on the other hand, they allow you to move freely without being restricted by cables. Wireless headphones can be used for listening to music, playing games or working. According to the type of transmission technology, wireless headphones can be divided into:

  • True Wireless headphones,
  • Bluetooth headphones,
  • Radio Frequency headphones,
  • Cheekbone headphones.

While radio-frequency headphones are more suitable for demanding users due to their high range and price, Bluetooth technology is clearly leading the way among wireless headphones. The connection range of Bluetooth headphones is in the range of meters, which is fully sufficient for use with a phone as well as a computer. True Wireless headphones are a kind of subgroup of Bluetooth headphones, characterised by the fact that each of the earpieces can function completely independently and is not connected to the other by a cable or a bridge. The most common design of earpieces in True Wireless headphones are earplugs or earbuds.

Computer headphones

As the name suggests, these headphones are used when working with a PC. Therefore, they can also be wired. However, the emphasis with computer headphones is on comfort, as you are expected to wear them for longer periods of time, for example, while working. A much better choice than earplugs or earbuds in this case are over-ear headphones. In terms of use, computer headphones can be divided into:

  • Office headphones,
  • Gaming headphones.

Office headphones are designed for long-term work. They are characterized by their low weight, wired design and headphone bridge. They are equipped with a microphone that allows you to make phone calls. They are most often used in call centres or in regular offices for videoconference purposes.

Gaming headsets are lightweight, have comfortable earpieces and their technical features provide a perfect bass reproduction, enhancing the gaming experience. They can be both wired and wireless, most commonly over the ears or on the ears.

TV headphones

You can get this type of headphones in both wireless and wired versions. It depends on how modern your TV is and whether it can work with Bluetooth audio. If so, you can pair it with a regular phone headset. If you have an older type, opt for wired headphones that connect via a 3.5mm jack. Make sure the cable is long enough, with at least two metres of space between the TV and the viewing location.

Headphones for the TV should be comfortable, therefore, it is better to choose over-ear or on-ear headphones over the head rather than earbuds or earplugs.

Sports headphones

With sports headphones, extreme demands are placed on stability and the fit in the ear. Light weight and resistance to water and sweat are also important. For this purpose, it is particularly worth looking at the second digit in the IPxx protection rating which should be as high as possible. In terms of connection to the phone, you can choose wired sports headphones with a 3.5mm jack or Lightning connector or the more popular wireless ones that won't restrict you at all during sports. The most popular design of sports headphones are in-ear headphones, i.e. lightweight earbuds or earplugs. Some athletes also prefer behind-the-ear headphones, but they must fit well.

Shape of the headphones according to the way of attachment to the ear

In terms of the design of the earpieces themselves, you can find 4 basic types of headphones:

  • In-ear headphones

Professionally referred to as intra-aural. They are designed to be inserted directly into the ear canal. You can come across two designs - earplugs and earbuds. The earplugs are inserted deep into the ear canal and thanks to this there is a perfect noise cancellation of the surroundings. Earbuds, on the other hand, are placed at the front of the ear canal, making them more suitable for situations where you need to be able to hear your surroundings at least a little bit.

  • On-ear headphones

This type of headphones is attached, as the name suggests, to the ears. In the literature you will come across the term supra-aural headphones. Their disadvantage is that they are less comfortable when worn for longer periods of time and also have less ability to cancel surrounding noises.

  • Over-ear headphones

These headphones eliminate the disadvantages of the previous type. They wrap around the ear from the outside and thus perfectly cancel out the surrounding environment. At the same time, they can be used for long periods of time as they do not press on the ear. They are more suitable for static listening at home, as studio or gaming headphones. They are not very suitable for frequent carrying.

  • Ear-loop headphones

Behind-the-ear headphones are a kind of transition between in-ear and on-ear headphones. In fact, some models of in-ear headphones also come with clips that anchor behind the back of the ear to help keep the earbuds or earplugs in your ear better.

There are also cheekbone headphones, that are more of a fashion fad and not very common yet. We also offer one type. Meet the Swissten Bone Conduction headphones. They work on the principle of transmitting vibrations from the cheekbone to the tiny bones of the middle ear.

Technical parameters of the headphones

Equally important parameters of headphones are their technical characteristics, i.e. how the headphones sound. From this point of view, 3 parameters are important:

  • Sensitivity

This feature is essential for maximum headphone volume as it is linked to the acoustic performance. Therefore, the higher the sensitivity in decibels (dB) the headphones have, the better they will sound. Focus on the higher sensitivity associated with low impedance if you are looking for headphones for your phone or MP3 player, which are devices whose output sound power is not very high.

  • Impedance

It is measured in ohms (?) and its value affects how loud the headphones will play at a particular voltage output. In electrical terms, it is basically an electrical resistance. The higher the impedance the headphones have, the less loud they will play, but the more accurate the sound reproduction will be. Even with this parameter, it is important to take into account the device you want to connect the headphones to. The lower the output power of the device you assume, the lower the impedance the headphones should have. For example, mobile phones, music players or laptops require low impedance headphones. With TV or studio headphones, you can afford a higher impedance and enjoy the audio detail.

  • Frequency range

This parameter influences what frequencies the headphones will be able to play. It is specified in hertz (Hz) or multiples thereof (kHz). The human ear is capable of distinguishing frequencies from approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz. However, this range decreases with age. The indication of the frequency range of headphones should be supplemented by the value of the attenuation causing a decrease in loudness at the edges of their frequency range. The lower the better. The ideal attenuation is within 3 dB.



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SWISSTEN bluetooth stereo sluchátka JUMBO hnědá
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Wireless technology Bluetooth 5.3 + EDR Up to 16 hours of battery life Call making capability

SWISSTEN JUMBO ANC Bluetooth bezdrátová sluchátka, černá
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Wireless headphones Bluetooth 5.0 technology Up to 16 hours of battery life Active noise cancelling


- wired earphones with integrated microphone- cable length 1.2 m- minimalist design with earbuds- tangle-resistant flat cable- 3.5 mm jack connector- ambient noise cancellation...

SWISSTEN bluetooth handsfree headset Caller

handsfree set with plug-ins weight 7 grams Bluetooth 5.0 pairing with up to 2 devices time for talking up to 4.5 hours active background noise cancellation - Clear Voice Capture...

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wired earphones with integrated microphone cable length 2 m minimalist design with earbuds tangle-resistant flat cable connector Lightning ambient noise cancellation function...

SWISSTEN bluetooth handsfree headset Caller (EKO BALENÍ)
ECO pack
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handsfree set with plug-ins weight 7 grams Bluetooth 5.0 pairing with up to 2 devices time for talking up to 4.5 hours active background noise cancellation - Clear Voice Capture...

Sluchátka APPLE AirPods 2019
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up to 5 hours of continuous listening after charging voice control instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 up to 24 hours of work and entertainment after charging from the case...

Sluchátka APPLE AirPods Pro
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up to 5 hours of continuous listening after charging voice control compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers Audio Sharing mode IPX4 cover - water resistant automatically...

SWISSTEN sluchátka Earbuds Rainbow YS-D2 (EKO BALENÍ)
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wired earphones with earbuds cable length 2 m 5 mm jack connector flat silicone cable integrated microphone can be used as hands-free

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very comfortable earphones with the shape of earplugs built-in microphone jack 3.5 mm can be used as a hands-free headset sweat and water resistant follow the ergonomics of the...

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Apple AirPods style wireless earphones up to 12 hours of work and entertainment after one charge high sensitivity of 100 dB suitable for pairing with Apple iPhone, as well as...

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FM tuner micro SD card slot Bluetooth 4.2 Volume control directly on the body of headphones

SWISSTEN Active bluetooth bezdrátová sluchátka
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Wireless sports headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 lasts up to 4.5 hours integrated microphone Included charging cableUSB-A/micro USB 3 pairs of silicone attachments in different...

SWISSTEN Ultra light UL-9 bluetooth headset
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bluetooth headset weighing only 9g up to 4 hours of continuous talk time Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity can pair with up to 2 devices

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outdoor bluetooth speaker IPX5 protection – splashing water proof up to 8 hours of music on a single charge uses Bluetooth 2.1 technology durable rubberized surface integrated...

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SWISSTEN sluchátka Earbuds Rainbow YS-D2
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wired earphones with earbuds cable length 2 m 5 mm jack connector flat silicone cable integrated microphone can be used as hands-free

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