Apple Watch Chargers

You can charge your AppleWatch using the cable that came with it when you bought it and a suitable AC adapter. Or you can use one of our wireless chargers. The choice can fall on the original Apple wireless chargers for Apple Watch or their alternative from Swissten, which will give you similar comfort at a more affordable price.

Count on at least 5W of power to charge your smartwatch.

Wireless charging of the Apple Watch is supported, for example, by the Apple charger with magnetic attachment to the watch, but also by the practical MFi-certified Swissten 4in1 charging stand, which can charge your iPhone or AirPods.


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SWISSTEN Wireless nabíječka 2v1 černá
€54,91 –23 %

2in1 wireless charger. Can charge 2 devices simultaneously. For charging smartphone, AirPods and Apple Watch. Ultra-thin - only 6.8 mm thick. Luxury design - aluminum...

SWISSTEN nabíjecí magnetický kabel 2v1 pro Apple Watch  + Lightning, USB-C, délka 1,2 m
€25,32 –33 %

Wireless charger for Apple Watch (3 W power) USB-C/Lightning charging cable (5 W power) USB-C input Charger dimensions: 29 x 9 mm

SWISSTEN nabíjecí magnetický kabel pro Apple Watch, USB-A, délka 1,2 m
€16,87 –13 %

Wireless charger for Apple Watch (3 W power) USB-A input Charger dimensions: 29 x 9 mm

SWISSTEN nabíjecí magnetický kabel pro Apple Watch, USB-C, délka 1,2 m
€21,09 –24 %

Wireless charger for Apple Watch (3 W power) USB-C input Charger dimensions: 29 x 9 mm

SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 3v1 s výkonem 15W
€42,23 –10 %

Mobile phone stand and wireless charger Charging power up to 15 W Charges your phone, AppleWatch and AirPods simultaneously Ideal for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, Samsung or...

SWISSTEN MagStick wireless nabíječka 3v1 22,5W (kompatibilní s Magsafe) černá
€67,60 –13 %

SWISSTEN 3in1 Wireless Charger for simultaneous charging of Smartphone, Apple Watch and Airpods. Total power 22.5W. Packed in SWISSTEN blister pack Simultaneous charging of...

SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 15 W

Wireless charger with 15W power circular shape with 10cm diameter Includes a 1.5m USB-A/USB-C cable charging status indication includes a 1.5m USB-A/USB-C connector cable also...

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SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 3in1 15 W

true wireless BT headphones with up to 10 hours of battery life also suitable as sports headphones or headset Total battery capacity 390 mAh charging time 2 hours impedance 16...

Originální nabíjecí adaptér APPLE USB-C 20 W
from €25,32 up to –50 %
from €14,75

Apple Charging Power Adapter with Power Deliver support USB-C output connector 20 W power Suitable for iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and above.

Apple Watch  – kabel na magnetické dobíjení hodinek , 1m
€37,62 –44 %

Cable for wireless charging of Apple Watch. Works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Length Attaches to the watch using Apple Watch Series 7 can charge with this...

SWISSTEN bezdrátová nabíječka 10 W
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Practical wireless charger with up to 10W power maximum charging current2A Included USB-A/USB-C cable for charger connection anti-slip design minimum weight and size

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Originální nabíjecí adaptér APPLE 1 A (retail pack)
€25,32 –42 %

original Apple charging adapter 1x USB-A output connector output current 1A compatible with Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod certified MFi