Wireless Power Banks

Wireless power banks allow you to charge devices that support Qi wireless technology, they also have USB connectors. They can therefore be used to charge devices that do not allow wireless charging. In this case, however, you will need a suitable cable. Most often, it will be USB/USB-C or USB/Lightning.

In order to charge the device wirelessly, it must contain a coil that will induce a voltage. This is because wireless power banks work on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which is a phenomenon that occurs due to a temporal change in the inductive flux in the conductor of the charging coil. As a result, an induced voltage is generated in the coil of the device being charged.

The wireless power bank can be used to charge both Android phones and iPhones. It just depends on whether your phone supports wireless charging. If you're looking for a universal small power bank suitable for charging any phone, try our brand new 5,000 mAh Swissten power bank that supports both Power Delivery and Quick Charge at the same time.

If you want to charge your iPhone or Android wirelessly, but you're within range of the mains, save the power in your power bank for a rainy day and get a wireless charger instead.



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SWISSTEN MagSafe powerbanka 10 000 mAh, černá
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Capacity 10.000 mAh Power up to 22.5 W Qi technology 2 inputs: USB-C, Lightning 2 outputs: USB-A, USB-C

SWISSTEN powerbanka pro iPhone, MagSafe, PD, QC, 5 000 mAh

capacity 5 000 mAh Lightning and USB-C inputs includes 20 cm long USB/USB-C cable Supports extra fast charging Power Delivery for iPhone (up to 20W) Support Quick Charge - fast...

SWISSTEN all in one slim power bank Qi 10 000 mAh
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POWER DELIVERY = extremely fast charging for iPhone QUALCOM 3.0 FAST CHARGE = extremely fast charging for Android Posibility to charge with all the connectors = micro USB, USB-C...