MagSafe Accessories

Magnets and wireless chargers simply belong together. That's why Apple came up with the unique MagSafe technology that combines the two into one. MagSafe has been mentioned in connection with Apple in another context, though. You might have come across MagSafe at Apple back in 2016. These were secure magnetic connectors on MacBooks that had a magnetic attachment. Thus, if you tripped over the cable, the laptop didn't fall off, only the cable with the connector did.

The next-generation MagSafe connector was also used by Apple developers for wireless charging of the iPhone. You can find it on the back of the phone and it is practically a magnetic alignment ensuring that the wireless charger fits exactly on the charged phone and stays on it securely. Like most modern technologies, MagSafe has made the journey from cable to wireless. It has to be said that it has been quite successful.

That's why today we can offer you, for example, the wireless Apple MagSafe charger for iPhone and AirPods together with a MagSafe compatible gel case or original Apple charging adapters for MacBook with a power of up to 85W.


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SWISSTEN MagSafe držák do auta s bezdrátovým nabíjením, 15 W

Retractable holder arm Swivel joint MagSafe compatible Power up to 15 W

SWISSTEN MagSafe powerbanka 10 000 mAh, černá
€51,42 –11 %

Capacity 10.000 mAh Power up to 22.5 W Qi technology 2 inputs: USB-C, Lightning 2 outputs: USB-A, USB-C

SWISSTEN MagStick bezdrátová nabíječka pro iPhone kompatibilní s MagSafe
€27,67 –21 %

Charger for iPhone 12 and above Compatible with MagSafe and Qi Wireless technology 15 W power

SWISSTEN set kovových podložek pro MagSafe pouzdra
€5,90 –33 %

2 metal rings 0.4 mm thick Equipped with self-adhesive 3M layer For sticking to a smartphone with wireless charging support For compatibility with MagSafe wireless charging

SWISSTEN MagStick wireless nabíječka 3v1 22,5W (kompatibilní s Magsafe) černá
€63,29 –12 %

SWISSTEN 3in1 Wireless Charger for simultaneous charging of Smartphone, Apple Watch and Airpods. Total power 22.5W. Packed in SWISSTEN blister pack Simultaneous charging of...

SWISSTEN powerbanka pro iPhone, MagSafe, PD, QC, 5 000 mAh

capacity 5 000 mAh Lightning and USB-C inputs includes 20 cm long USB/USB-C cable Supports extra fast charging Power Delivery for iPhone (up to 20W) Support Quick Charge - fast...

SWISSTEN MagSafe magnetický držák do ventilace s bezdrátovou nabíječkou 15 W

Swissten magnetic holder with wireless charging into the fan grille for iPhone 12 series power up to 15W compatible with MagSafe  

APPLE magnetická bezdrátová nabíječka MagSafe
€43,50 –9 %

Wireless charger with magnetic attachment. Power up to 15W with original adapter. USB-C cable with 1m length included. Ideal for fast charging of iPhone or